Izbegavajte kupovinu falsifikovanih proizvoda na mreži

Kako izbeći kupovinu falsifikovanih proizvoda na mreži?

Maloprodajna mesta na mreži, uključujući veb-sajtove platforme društvenih medija i onlajn pijace – nude izbor, vrednost i pogodnost, ali pažljivo birajte šta kupujete.

Prodaja falsifikovanih proizvoda,koja je nekada bila ograničena na ulične maloprodajne objekte, sada je zarazila platforme za e-trgovinu. Štaviše, problem falsifikata uticao je na širok spektar proizvoda —uključujući elektroniku, automobilske delove, odeću, obuću i igračke.

The risks

  • Typically, counterfeitproducts are of inferior quality to the genuine article and may not look as good – in the case of clothing – or be fit for purpose – in the case of electrical products.
  • Buying counterfeitproducts may put your safety (or that of others) at risk. For example, counterfeit electrical products are often not tested before sale and, as a result, there is an increased risk of electrical shocks and/or fire.
  • Online retail outlets selling counterfeitproductsmay steal your personal details and/or infectyour computer or mobile device withmalware.
  • Buying counterfeit products hurts legitimate businesses, including the manufacturers of genuine itemsand will impact the livelihood of their employees.
  • The purchase of counterfeit products also reduces the volume of money going into the Serbian economy – counterfeiters do not pay taxes.
  • Profits from the sale of counterfeitproducts are often used to fund more sinister organised crime activities, including people smuggling, slavery and terrorism. Do you want to fund organised crime?If you suspect a product offered for sale is counterfeit, do not buy it. If you believe an online retail outlet is selling counterfeit products, report the site to the Market Inspectorate (stop.falsifikati@must.gov.rs) 
    You can find more information concerning the risks of buying counterfeit products at https://www.europol.europa.eu/activities-services/public-awareness-and-prevention-guides/i-just-thought-it-was-bargain-i-was-not-aware-of-risks…