Legal Regulations in the field of enforcement of IPR

Laws and other regulations:

a) laws governing the protection of intellectual property rights:

– Trademark Act
– Copyright and Related Rights Act
– Law on Legal Protection of Industrial Design
– Patent Act

b) laws governing trade and services (advertising), prevention of unfair competition and consumer protection:

– Advertising Act
– Of the Trade Act
– Electronic Commerce Act
– Consumer Protection Act

c) laws regulating the conditions for performing the activities of economic entities and the education and work of state administration bodies:

– Company Law
– Law on the Business Registers Agency
– Law on Classification of Activities
– Decree on the classification of activities
– Law on Public Administration

g) laws governing related areas, in particular with regard to the visible consequences of counterfeiting and the risks posed by counterfeiting and piracy and counterfeit and pirated products:

– Law on Market Surveillance
– Law on Technical Requirements for Products and Conformity Assessment
– General Product Safety Act
– Regulations on the manner of establishment and operation of the system for rapid exchange of information on dangerous products
– Law on the form and content of the notification of a dangerous product
– Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

d) laws governing the initiation and conduct of proceedings before the competent judicial authorities, compensation for damages, execution and provision of:

– Law on Special Powers for Effective Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
– Of the Law on Misdemeanors
– Law on Economic Offenses
– Of the Criminal Procedure Code
– Law on Civil Procedure
– Law on Obligations
– Law on Enforcement and Security