Cross-sectorial cooperation

Coordination body 

A Coordination Body for the Effective Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the Republic of Serbia has been established.

The task of the Coordination Body is, in the field of operational protection of intellectual property rights in the Republic of Serbia, to monitor and direct individual tasks within the scope of several state administration bodies in order to ensure efficient protection of intellectual property rights.

The Coordination Body has a Chairperson and members of the Coordination Body.

The Director of the Intellectual Property Office is the President of the Coordination Body. The members of the Coordination Body by position are: 

1) Assistant Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development – Technology Development, Technology Transfer and Innovation Sector; 

2) Assistant Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications – Market Inspection Sector; 

3) Assistant Director of Tax Administration – Sector for Separated Activities; 

4) Assistant Director of the Customs Administration – Sector for control of the application of customs regulations; 

5) Assistant Minister of Health – Sector for Inspection Affairs; 

6) Head of the Department for the Suppression of Crime in the Field of Intellectual Property, Organized Crime Fighting Service at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

Specialists from different fields, as well as representatives of other bodies and organizations, can participate in the work of the Coordination Body when discussing topics within their scope. 

The Coordination Body may set up working groups to address issues of importance for the effective protection of intellectual property rights, such as: creating a single database, statistical reporting methodology, training programs, raising public awareness of the harmfulness of infringements of intellectual property rights, etc. 

The Coordination Body shall submit to the Government an annual report as a rule in the first quarter of the current year for the previous reporting period. The integral parts of the Coordination Body’s annual report are the relevant statistical and comparative data, as well as the proposal of measures and activities for improving the protection of intellectual property rights in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Professional and administrative-technical tasks for the needs of the Coordination Body shall be performed by the Intellectual Property Office.