During the Twinning Project Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Serbia, basic and advanced training on online investigation of IPR crime has been conducted. The training was led by two German MS experts who have worked in Cyber crime for many years.
Representatives of relevant institutions involved in IPR crime have followed a 2 day basic course where they were introduced to online investigation, learned about the internet and were presented with basic tools that could be used in fighting IPR crime online.
The satisfaction was overall good and ten enforcers were chosen to attend advanced training. Advanced training lasted for 5 days and the participants were faced with various tasks. This training focused more on developing some practical skills, as well as introducing more advanced tools used in online investigations. The goal of this training was to help the enforcers develop skills for collecting, analyzing and choosing the right evidence so they could make a final report that can be used in court. The participants were very active during this training and the overall satisfaction was excellent.

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